Our landscapes are customized to your perfection. We use the best grade plant and aggregate product so that your landscape lasts. Believe it or not the grade of the tree or plant, and how it was raised makes a significant difference in its longevity.


Built JSL tough. Our retaining walls and patios are built on a crushed concrete based foundation so that as time progresses, your walls and patios only get stronger. The key to our success is a combination of strength and style.


Our woodcraft products are hand made to your perfection. Using premium grain wood, we offer just what you need to bring the right accent to your secret garden.

They listen...the crew is very attentive to detail...everyone is so kind and hardworking...Jason Schmidt Landscaping is a step above the other landscapers out there!
— McDaniel
Winner of Best Outdoor Living” Excellence in Masonry - Old Castle Coastal